An open letter to Golf Channel’s programming department

Sent on July 21.

Hello there. I love the Golf Channel and have been watching since 1996. A few suggestions: Why not run more classic tournaments in later hours? The 19th Hole is a little stale, and Golf Central more than provides ample golf gossip. While I’m sure Grey Goose is a lucrative advertiser (which is important to Golf Channel’s ability to actually broadcast) Hawk and others get a bit long-winded and repetitive. Is Dan Jenkins under contract with ABC or something? Unable to come on the panel? I digress. I’m a 30-year-old caucasian male, for demographics purposes. I’d like to see some early senior tour battles (Nicklaus v. Trevino). Let’s see some classic 1-irons like Nicklaus in ’67 at Baultusrol, or Pebble in ’72. How about Hogan in 1950 instead of another rebroadcast of Golf In America. P.S. Anthony Anderson is an excellent host, and the show is raising the Golf Channel’s standards. Reminds me a bit of Bryant Gumbel’s “Real Sports” on HBO, but obv. golf-specific. Maybe put up a poll on asking what event (pick three classics) that viewers would like to see? I know you need the info-mercials during the day to make money, but they are sooooo old. Again, don’t get me wrong: I love the Golf Channel, Win McMurray was an excellent call, but maybe show a rebroadcast of 97-2000 era Tiger? Maybe the 2000 Bob May showdown? Or even (gasp) one of his U.S. Am victories? I would also like to see more specific shows on clubmaking, or the equipment side to golf, rather than “golf chat” with golf writers, who aren’t really talkers. I’m sure you’ll take all of this with a grain of salt, but hopefully a few of these suggestions are passed along. Thanks for your time and excellent service to the golf community. SP.


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