Monsoon season and the ‘Long’ shot

Unfortunately I haven’t played golf since, WOW, May 4. And I basically haven’t posted since then. Yowsa. Not like anyone checks this blog anyway. But still, I’m sure my shortgame is going to be a-hurtin’.

Annnnnd … I know everyone loves talking about the weather in Minnesota, but we just had a weeklong stretch where it was darn near monsoon season, and now we’re dealing with record highs in the Twin Cities.

95 degrees in May means Stevie no golfey. However, these extreme temps are probably good for soil temps on local greens. So we’ve got that goin’ for us.

In other news, while he didn’t qualify for the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, Vikings kicker (and Packer legend) Ryan Longwell still plans to “go pro” after his pro football career, according to this May 10 Pioneer Press article.

And now Burlington, Wisconsin-product Tony Romo shot 69 in a local U.S. Open qualifier and WON A FREAKIN’ PLAYOFF! Romo’s golf game holds up under pressure-he already has a better U.S. Open playoff record, than he does in the NFL. Ouchhh.

Romo advanced to next round of U.S. Open qualifying. Next up: Beating the Eagles.

Word on the street is Romo is using a new White Hot XG Odyssey belly putter that made all the difference. He actually left the course after shooting 69, came back and then won the freaking playoff! Solid! Next up, the 30-year-old Romo moves on to the 36 hole stage of qualifying June 7 at Woodland, Texas’ The Club at Carlton Hills. Sounds very Fresh Prince.


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