Going pro

As my work in the golf business draws to a close (got a job as an assistant editor at a magazine) a few interesting customers have stopped in to buy clubs and ask my advice.

Yesterday I gave a putting lesson to Vikings backup CB Asher Allen. The well-rounded and jovial Georgia product has caught the golf bug (and already broke two graphite shafted drivers). Little man packs a big punch and loves the steel-shafted Callaway hybrid I sold him.  Haha! He said he hits it well and has yet to break the shaft off at the hosel – so he’s got that goin’ for him. Our convo ranged from a new stadium (“It may be home field advantage, but we have to play [with all that noise] too.”), and I went a bit ol’ skool throwing out Neon Deion, Jeff George and UGA’s Herschel Walker (both of whom were Vikings, unbeknownst to the rookie) and included a dead-on impression by Allen of the Golf Channel’s Michael Breed “Caller …”. He has to be one of the more polite individuals I’ve ever met. I wished him good luck, except against the Packers.

When pressed about Favre coming back, he simply looked off into the distance – in this case the Titleist irons section – raised a fist and said “Let’s Go!”. I assume that means he wants Favre back. He agreed that $12 million would be hard to pass up. I told him he should go golfing with Ryan Longwell. Incidentally, I’m still trying to land a Longwell interview. His recent announcement that he will attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open means he’s getting a lot of interview requests according to the Vikings’ P.R. guy, so we’ll see where that goes.

Tonight a rather large gentleman and his son were hanging out by the club wall. I approached and noticed the son had a Shatuck-St. Mary’s windbreaker with the name “Brodeur” stitched into it. Took one look at the dad and could only assume it was New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur. After fitting his son for some Nike Dual Cavity irons and a couple of VR wedges, I helped Marty (I didn’t actually call him that) purchase a lefty 10.5 Ping g15 draw driver and he also threw on an Odyssey White Ice putter for good measure. Naturally, I slapped on a few midsize grips for the gold medal goalie. Nice guy. We talked golf/hockey, I mentioned Madison-native Jerry Kelly, and got to shake the man’s hand.

It was a good end to a rainy day that saw me going to the dentist in a failed attempt to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Apparently I’m too big of a baby for just Novocaine and laughing gas. Come to think of it, maybe I just left ESPN on and the whole day was surrealist dream.



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  1. I have to say “Great promotion,free putter.getting an r11 iron set will give you a wonderful feeling!”

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