A tribute …

So T.C. Teebox ventured down to Texas for a lil’ R&R – research and reporting over the weekend.


* “Played” The Tribute – Dallas’ No. 1 public course. After getting over a few topped drivers and hybrids early, and thanks to a few solid tips from the Long Drive Association’s Alex DeVilling, my driver decided to start working and my short game was pretty good (by pretty good I mean no four-putts on greens that tetered around 11-12 stimp).  Sunny and 75 all day. DeVilling, BTW, was a great (dare I say mysterious) host, and is going to give current LDA Champion Jamie Sadlowski a run for his money some day.

Very fun trip overall. Got to take a tour of Adams Golf HQ in Plano. Not a humongous operation, but a lot of smart, dedicated golf folks there. I understand why the brand has begun to really take off in the last five years. Good dudes, all of ’em. Of course, I am in no way biased that they bought all of our food and drinks and sprang for our hotel and transportation the whole weekend.

I played the new CB1s, and they look and feel great. Didn’t really dig the Project X shaft, myself. But hey. I actually hit the 19-degree A7 very well out of a fairway bunker – just so I could say I did it. The course was really in great shape. Immaculate and FAST. Since it was a shamble format (modified scramble in which you play approaches from the best drive, and putt from the best shot on par 3s) I got to work on my chipping a lot.

It’s hard to quantify just how far these long-drive guys hit it. You really have to see it for yourself. 400 yards is not a problem downwind. 4 … hundred … yards, people. Sadlowski actually put it over the first green.

Great to get away on a golf vacation. To quote En Vogue “Back to life, back to reality.”


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