So, I work in the golf business. Everyone may associate that with having “fun” all day. It’s still work. It is fun, but it’s not fun looking at the sky and sun outside and then 10 different swings inside (especially when you’re trying to get your own figured out).


*This is an interesting link saying G’Smith’s “Win W/Phil” promo will cost Callaway’s insurance company about a mill.

*And, interestingly, I’ve learned TW apparel sales were up 24 percent from Oct 2009-March 2010. Wha??? Riddle me that.

*Here’s a different take on Phil’s Sunday “shot-of-a-lifetime” on the 13th.

*Annnnnnnnd since this is a T.C. golf site (or supposed to be) here are a few links to awesome springish deals.

*Flashback Friday’s subject: Fun with Hogan. Here’s his hip slide, and a few lessons (open google preview) everyone should learn from the Hawk.

Off to chip-n-putt at Hia.


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