Ahhhh … smell that Country Air

Went out to the practice green at Country Air in Lake Elmo yesterday. Stuck to putting, chipping, sand practice because of the 35 mph crosswinds. Yowsa. Subtly trying to change my putting stroke and I think it might be working. Smaller forward press – more visualization. We’ll see if I have less 3-whacks next time out (when that will be I don’t know).

Choice pics:

I attached a quick snapshot of a deadspot on Country Air’s practice green not because I want to scold them for having a deadspot on their practice green on March 30, but to show an example of what Porter was talking about yesterday. Overall, T.C. courses should be in pretty decent shape in a month or so. Let’s just pray we don’t have any April snowfall (I’m looking at you golf gods).

Practice facilities out there are pretty dece. $10 for 100 range balls. It’s def. worth checking out if you’re in the east metro.



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3 responses to “Ahhhh … smell that Country Air

  1. Gearing up for the season? I definitely suggest reading a Bob Rotella book as you get back out on the links. He has some very good words about the psychology of putting in his books…

  2. Steven

    Which one? I think I had a few of his tapes as a junior golfer. “Golf is not a game of perfect” comes to mind.

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