Hiawatha super-blog

Check out the Hiawatha Golf Course Superintendent Bob Porter’s blog.

Among other duties, Porter and crew have fired up the irrigation and started to cut greens.

Early reports from other courses (Hillcrest) are that the massive snowfall actually helped the grass freeze, and protected it from a thaw – which can actually be detrimental. So here’s to a long, fruitful season on the greens.

Update from Porter: Yes, I would agree that the amount of snowfall we had helped the turf.  I think you’ll find metro and state wide that for the most part courses will be in good shape existing winter.  Most courses I would guess are seeing little to no snow mold/winter damage.  Here at Hiawatha that is the case.  Most greens are really good. With some isolated winter damage to a couple greens and fairways.  Most of the injury is in low lying areas where the ice sat for an extended period of time. The heavy snowfall helped to insulate the turf and protect it.

Sounds like a positive note to me … anyone else find this to be true throughout the T.C.? What shape are the courses in?



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2 responses to “Hiawatha super-blog

  1. Indeed… the super out at Loggers Trail said something similar about the snow patterns this winter being good for the turf. Sure seemed like it to me Sunday!

  2. Courses in west metro are in great shape as well, and did not have AS much snow cover, but adequate. Greens at Monticello Country Club, for example, are probably four to five weeks ahead of where they normally are, and FAST.

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