Don’t hate, participate

Hey, guys.

T.C. Teebox is workin’ overtime to bring you the latest TC golf news. In the weeks to come, the site will have some more newsy items that will hopefully please and appease our extensive readership. In the mean time – any topical subjects you all are thinking about lately? Course conditions, greens fees, slow play, the latest golf balls? Anyone? This is an open forum, and your feedback is much appreciated. As a matter of fact, your participation may even win you some “wonderful prizes” in the days to come. So stay tuned …

Also, the Teebox hit up Braemar on Tuesday afternoon. Very few golfers were on the course, and for about a buck-a-hole, he and a few buddies hit the links for the first time this year.  Braemar crews had already MOWED their greens – which were running slow. A few dead spots here and there, but considering we were playing golf in March all was certainly forgiven. Kudos to Braemar staff. While I shot a scorching 45 on the back with a snowman on 13, I did have a few birdie putts – all of which were missed.

Nonetheless, here are a few choice pics from the round.



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2 responses to “Don’t hate, participate

  1. Joe

    Are there golf balls for slower club head speed? Also, what are the best deals for golf around the metro? Any spring deals?

  2. Hope you enjoyed Edina’s finest. Call me next time, punk!

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