From Inver Grove to India – the world of golf photography

Oftentimes I check out pictures of potential Twin Cities courses before I play them. It’s a standard practice, and helps me get a sense of what to expect before I book a tee time. But once I’m actually out on the course, there are few moments where I can really stop, relax and enjoy the course’s natural beauty. However, Keller Golf Course in St. Paul comes to mind as a place where it’s easy to take in the scenery. It’s one of my favorites: astehtically pleasing, challenging; classy and fully of mystique. And it’s literally a sanctuary.

One of the best at photographing our local courses is Peter Wong, the Twin Cities’ (or Minnesota’s) foremost golf photographer. His images – and process he takes to capture them – are very interesting. He scouts locations, captures them early in the morning, and (if he’s lucky) gets to play the course. Meet Pete. He lists The Classic at Madden’s Resort in Brainerd as his favorite to play. Somewhat quizzically, Wong said that he tells those from out-of-state that once you’re on a Minnesota golf course you never hear airplanes. He obviously has never played Ft. Snelling Golf Course.

Ft. Snelling Golf Course. Photo by Carl Zeiss.

And here’s a Flikr page devoted to Minnesota courses.

As long as we’re on the subject of golf photography, be sure to check out this series taken in the Mumbai, India slums. These photos capture life at it barest. And maybe the game at its purist. 

Raja and Viplav in action in Mumbai. (Photo: Tomasz Gudzowaty/Focus/Hollandse Hoogte)

Breathtaking stuff. No longer will I complain about a sandy range or a lack of practice facilities. Well, maybe I won’t complain as much.


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