PING releases forged “Anser” iron

This from

The longtime clubmaker, known more for great consistency rather than great feel, has released a forged club.

A forged club usually provides a  softer (better) feel. Oftentimes forged clubs are made from 1020 or 1025 carbon steel, largely regarded as the best steel for better players. Forged clubs are made using a multi-step process in which the clubs are  stamped or pressed into form multiple times. Mizunos are known for their feel, and this is due in part to its allegiance to the forging process.

They also, apparently, sound different.

Cast clubs are made by a mold. They are usually harder, but in my experience go longer (Callaways, Taylors, etc).

Callaway’s Diablo Edge forged is also new this year. See a trend anyone?

I personally hope the PING is a true forged club, rather than simply a forged “cradle” like the Callaways. Update: According to, the irons are “made of 8620 carbon steel with a partial tungsten sole.”

But do golfers really care whether a club is forged or cast?



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2 responses to “PING releases forged “Anser” iron

  1. Joe

    Love the polls!

  2. Steven

    And we love you, Joe.

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