Lofty goals: Check yourself before you inevitably wreck yourself.

So you think you need an 8.5 degree driver because that’s what you’ve always played. You hit the ball sky high as it is and you don’t want to mess around with anything that actually give you a higher ball flight – like more loft.

Well as antithetical as it seems, more loft, teamed with the right shaft, will likely give you longer drives and “gapping” the lofts on your wedges will give you more consistency.

Sound good? Let’s go to the video tape – our friend’s from Bionic explain:

Most of the time, as a matter of fact I’d estimate 95 percent of the time, adding 1.5 to 2 degrees of loft to your driver will result in a 10-15 yard gain. Furthermore, you’ll probably be more accurate, according to Ben Hogan. This principal is spelled out pretty well on the Gotham Golf Blog.

But when it comes to wedges, picking out three (or four) that are equally spaced-out is a key to consistency.

Before buying new wedges, I’d recommend searching for your iron specs – specifically your pitching wedge loft. Next, decide how many wedges you want/need to carry. A growing number of golfers today are carrying a driver, a fairway wood, two hybrids, seven irons and three wedges. Because the wedges fly the highest, I can’t stress enough the importance of having an equal (say four) number of degrees between your wedges.

For example: My pitching wedge is 47 degrees. I had it bent one degree stronger to 46. My gap wedge is 50, followed by my 54 degree sand and 58 degree “loft” wedge. You can vary this formula, and I assume you get the picture.

But one of the best tips I’ve ever heard – whether or not you buy into custom fitting, or tweaking or clubs – is take the club you hit best, have the loft, length and lie checked and then adjust the rest of your irons, respectively, to those specs. In other words, you may be hitting better shots with that club because it’s set up right for you, and the others may be off. Certainly something to consider before hitting Twin Cities golf courses in a few weeks??

Soon, we will address how to pick the wedge that works best for the majority of Twin Cities golf courses, and matches your game perfectly. If anything there are too many wedges out there, and we’ll help you narrow your search.


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