Stricker on the cover of Golf World

This is what I like to see.

Steven Charles Stricker. Wow. I’ve been following this guy most of my life, and I’m so happy to see the success he’s achieved. It’s inspired me (and perhaps other Rock County residents) to never give up. That-a-boy Strick!

I e-mailed the Journal Sentinel’s golf writer, Gary D’Amato to ask him about Stricker’s lack of a website, and he said that’s a very good question. I also joked that Strick should let me run his personal site. Wouldn’t that be fun! Edgerton and Janesville on the same team.

D’Amato has a great job as a sports/golf writer, and has done a yeoman’s work the past two decades. One has to wonder what with the golf-crazed/starved Minnesota golf fans why we don’t have an equivalent at the Start Tribune or Pioneer Press?

Being a local golf writer is, quite simply and directly, my dream job.

Maybe I’ll pull a Stricker and make it my mission to get hired on at a local daily as a golf writer. If I could carve my own niche, create a position and get the job I’d probably start to break down and cry, but somewhere out there Stricker would be smiling.


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