Quick hits: Minigolfisota, Payne and Tiger.

Interesting upcoming mini golf events …

Skyway Open, Feb. 25-27

Pub & Putt Feb. 27.

Quick comment/question: What is the equivelant of hockey hair to golf? Payne Stewart’s awesome wardrobe?

Stewart in Packers gear C. 1990. This reminds of the time I visited the Janesville Mall and picked up a set of PGA Tour cards. Where did I put those?

OK, so maybe I will have some Tiger news on here:

Tiger scratches his head at the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open. What will he say on Friday? Answer: Who gives a crap.

So, does anyone actually think Tiger is going to say anything of substance on Friday? My guess: He’s coming back during the Masters and will win. I’ve said it all along. Unless his PR approach has changed, the man loves and reacts well to a media circus.

PS: these recent photos sadly remind me not of Tiger’s marital problems, but that I need to start running again.

I was at Tiger’s first event as a professional, and his last major as a superstar. The man had the same demeanor on the course 12 years apart: extremely focused, elitist and driven. He’s the greatest golfer of our generation, and has as I’ve previously stated, been a robot since he hit the tour.

Sure, Phil is largely reviled by his peers and revered by fans, but Tiger has to find a way to connect more with everyday people or he risks never being forgiven by not only the golfing public but also tournament organizers, his wife, his friends on tour and most importantly (to him) his sponsors. He needs to become human again and realize that while there are public figures who have messed up before him, none were as squeaky clean as him. Heck, kids look up to this guy. Whether they will anymore after this year remains to be seen. But if he wins all the majors, he’ll have only minor problems.

Winning, not beer Tiger, is the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.


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