Unless you count Tiger’s penchant for dropping an expletive, or a blue-moon fist-pump, he’s the most methodical and robotic golfer in the modern game. It’s rare, though, that a pro golfer comes off as human. Or should I say weird.

I mean every man has his own quirks and twists, to quote Harriet Beecher Stowe (who?). But Paddy Harrington’s (whose game I love) is one of the oddest. The teeth over the lip after contact.


Is it more muskrat or vampire? Either way, he rules. He’s intensely focused and driven. Like a beaver to soft bark.

I, myself, am not without quirk. Lately, I have been fooling around with a slower version of a Gary Player knee-knock swing trigger.

I was just rewatching the Golf Channel’s coverage of the 2009 PGA at Hazeltine, and noticed Paddy’s pensive pursed lips. I’ve always wondered whether this was a conscious thing (or superstitious?) or subconscious. It’s likely the latter, but you wouldn’t think someone who has Bob Rotella on staff would be so uptight. But what do I know? I’m just an 11 handicap trying to make my way in the world.

So, moral of the story is whether you’re a Paddy lip-biter, a Player knee-knocker, a Nicklaus elbow-flyer, a Sergio 27-time-regrip-waggler or have your own quirks, stick with what works, I guess. Or borrow from the best.


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